I Train Dentists And Treatment Coordinators On How To Close Five-figure Cases On The Same Day Of The Consultation – Paid In Full!

Increase case acceptance-PAID-IN-FULL!

Get In & Out Of The Consult Room

Break monthly revenue records

Convert Your Prospects Over The Phone

Keep A Booked Procedure Schedule

Dictate Your Work Schedule and LIVE LIFE ON YOUR TERMS!



I Train Dentists And Treatment Coordinators On How To Close Five-figure Cases On The Same Day Of The Consultation – Paid In Full!

Real talk selling home

Patients Move Forward On DAY ONE & PAY IN FULL!

Increase case acceptance-PAID-IN-FULL!

Get In & Out Of The Consult Room

Break monthly revenue records

Keep A Booked Procedure Schedule

Dictate Your Work Schedule and LIVE LIFE ON YOUR TERMS!

The Harsh Truth

If you are a medical practice owner or a sales professional, it is important for you to operate your business as a Mini SALES Organization. YES, SALES!

Your practice MUST have two non-negotiables to win:

1) An iron-clad sales process that drives revenue like crazy.

2) A persuasive, Rock Star Treatment Coordinator who converts at first substantial contact — over the phone!

Real talk selling home

The Problem

To grow a profitable practice it is important to first…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Closing cases DAILY and collecting IN FULL creates profit. It’s That Simple.

Your procedures are elective and high-end. In business terms, this means your prospects have a choice to make:

1. Say YES and choose you.
2. Say NO and pay your competitor.
3. DECIDE NOT TO DECIDE and simply walk away.

Real talk selling home

The Solution: The R.E.A.L Talk Selling™ System

You are great at what you do and have worked hard to earn your spot in your industry. But still, growing your practice and increasing case acceptance rates continues to be your biggest challenge, right? Listen, you are not alone!

Real talk selling home

The first step to increasing case acceptance starts with a realization that your treatment coordinator is the core of your practice and he or she can make it or break it.  Hear me out on this…

If your treatment coordinator lacks the ability to have a R.E.A.L. financial conversation and crunch numbers like nobody’s business, you could be losing millions of dollars a year! Now, are you ready for some good news? I can help you with this!

R.E.A.L Talk Selling™ is the secret sauce you didn’t know existed, but now realize you need. Double your case acceptance in 30 days or less and put an end to your revenue woes once and for all.

Seriously, R.E.A.L Talk Selling™ is no joke and it works.

Get out of the gray zone and land in your sweet spot.

Real talk selling home

   Hi, I’m Sherrine Washington.

Same-day sales are my game!

I am a former Therapist turned Award-Winning, Multi-Million-Dollar Master Sales Coach & Trainer. I created the R.E.A.L. Talk Selling™ System to help elective medical practices, corporate sales teams, and next-level sales professionals convert SAME-DAY SALES like magic and drive revenue through the roof!

I have a Master’s degree in the counseling field, and in a past life I was a Mental Health and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. My methodology and coaching philosophy is deeply rooted in the psychology of selling, incorporating strategic sales planning, sustainable action, and implementation.  For the past 10 years, I have refined and perfected the R.E.A.L. Talk Selling™ System by working hands on with struggling elective practices that are now thriving.  To date, I have sold over $30 million for national brands-over $25 million in dental implants alone.

I transform untrained treatment coordinators and into revenue-generating machines. My system has been tried, tested, and proven. Using a Cognitive/Behavioral framework, my system uses psychological cues to break barriers and create a “BUY NOW” impulse.

Are you ready to drive revenue through the roof?

Real talk selling home

I have had the pleasure of working with Sherrine for over 2 years as a business partner. Sherrine is always on top of everything and takes the extra step to be there for her patients and her business partners. She holds a high degree of professionalism and is readily available if I ever need help with anything. She is the best sales and customer service representative I have worked with in my time in my industry.

-M. Andrews, Greensky Healthcare Financing

Sherrine is the real deal. Whether you are a newbie practice owner looking for direction or an established dentist ready to specialize in high end services, she can make things happen. Don’t second guess it. Call her today.

-Dr. A. Kelly DDS, Dental Center of the Carolinas

Sherrine was a sales consultant in my office for 5 years. My motto was simple and to the point-"Sell and Collect!" I never worried because Sherrine did just. that.

– Dr. Steve Lewis, DDS

Sherrine goes the extra mile. She made me feel extremely comfortable. Sherrine was a pleasure to work with, efficient, made me feel extremely comfortable and is someone I consider a friend even though I’ve known her for just a short time. Sherrine is a very hardworking person and goes the extra mile.

– Happy Patient  ($40,000 Case)

Sherrine took my career to the next level. I have had intensive training in consultative sales throughout my career. My one-on-one training with Sherrine really took my career to the next level. She taught me how to go beyond the strategies that I had learned and how to quickly identify buying motives and tailor my consultation to meet the client’s needs and increase my close rate.

– A. Williams, Sales Consultant Trainee

You have been such a big help. You are very knowledgeable and good at your job, Sherrine! You have been such a big help in this process.

– Happy Patient ($46,000 Case, paid-in-full same day)

Sherrine is very professional and kindhearted to work with. She’s the best!

– Happy Patient ($55,000 Case, paid-in-full same day)

I can personally attest to Sherrine’s solid record of closing high end cases. As Lab Manager, I witnessed her ambition that continually made our location number one in sales. If you are ready to increase your revenue stream, she is the right choice to deliver a proven method to your treatment coordinator that will significantly improve their closure rates

– J. Reinders,  Drake Precision Dental Laboratory

Sherrine is by far one of the best consultative sales consultants I have worked with. Her closing skills and financial conversations are beyond impressive. Sherrine is a very effective leader, trainer, and coach and any organization would be lucky to have her.

– A.W.- Former Clear Choice Consultant

I was fortunate enough to meet Sherrine at a training some years ago. Sherrine is one smart lady! Her people skills are exceptional, and her professionalism exemplary. She has all the right stuff to exceed in sales, management, training, or any business in which her talents would be appreciated and challenged. It is no surprise that Sherrine has achieved and exceeded often difficult goals in her professional life. She is a rare gem in the world of business.

– G. Rossi, Treatment Coordinator

Sherrine is a dynamic consultative sales professional. She is well respected within her own center as well as various centers throughout the company which she helped train and deliver the new consultant presentation for patients. She is smart, quick thinking and a true asset to any company.

– G. Weatherstone, Supervisor at Clear Choice Dental Implant Center