Hold Your Head Up High Today And Go Change A Life!


Hey tribe,

When I started working at ClearChoice, I thought they were going to fire me because it took me two months to get my first BIG sale. That negative energy was in my head. ClearChoice believed in my talent and they were willing to allow me to step outside of what I believed to be a canned presentation that did not represent who I was in the consultation room. So what did I do?

For 7 LONG MONTHS, I focused on designing a sales process that felt good to me. I failed at being an imposter and talking to patients in a superficial way which only made me cringe. I focused on being in the moment with the one patient in front of me and taking it to the MAX each and every time.

Getting lost in patient stories and watching patients let down their guard was the secret sauce to my high close rate. If you are reading this sentence in my post right now, you are already a superstar. You didn’t hit delete and you were willing to embrace the message I was hoping to share with you today.

Know that you WILL NOT move every patient forward who meets with you – sorry that is a REAL fact like it or not. At the end of the day, your goal is to turn a stranger into a friend who trusts YOU as their guide. If you can do that, JOB WELL DONE! The sales will happen in due time – ORGANICALLY. Now, hold your head up high today and go change a life!


Hold your head up high today and go change a life!

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