Real talk selling

♦  Increase Case Acceptance NOW  ♦  Get In & Out Of The Consult Room  ♦  Dictate Your Schedule!


I know what you are thinking: Why should I invest in the R.E.A.L. Talk Selling™ System? I am so glad you asked.

Unlike any other sales training program, this curriculum has a very specific focus:

Closing Sales on DAY ONE -&- Collecting Payment IN FULL!



Here’s the R.E.A.L. beauty…sales will happen organically.

I am going to help you get “UNSTUCK” and put an end to any financial worries that may be keeping you up at night. I will pinpoint the challenges that are holding you back from the level of success you deserve.  I will show you how to turn “What should I do” prospects into “Where do I sign” patients before they even meet you.

Can you imagine having patients throw money at you? 

The R.E.A.L. Talk Selling™ System works because it turns the consultative sales model upside down by getting an early buy-in from the prospect at first substantial contact — over the phone. When a prospect calls, time is of the essence; you have just a few minutes to stop them in their tracks and put an end to their internet search. My methodology does that.

R.E.A.L. Talk Selling™ will teach you how to expose and address pain points, seeking pleasure throughout every step of the sales process. The R.E.A.L. Talk Selling™ System is a sales super weapon that uses proven psychological triggers and persuasive language to guide your prospects through the sales funnel, boosting your case acceptance and close rates.

Are you ready to experience “The Kindred Spirit Connection” and turn strangers into friends?

For My Doctors: We Will Help You...

GET OUT OF THE CONSULT ROOM, devoting no time to selling and more time to surgeries and treatment.

EXPLODE YOUR REVENUE and create a happier, more efficient sales team with a smart bonus system for big-ticket sales.

YOUR TREATMENT COORDINATOR WILL CLOSE WITH EASE, positioning you to be the leading practice in your area. Swipe patients from right under the noses of your competitors.

EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS by improving productivity, retaining top talent, and even growing from a single practice to multiple practices.

Put An End To Sleepless Nights because there’s no more worrying about numbers, numbers, numbers.

For My Sales Tribe: We Will Help You...

Close More & Make More Money, leaving behind the stress of not making your numbers. When you use the principles of this system, you will take your sales effort to the max every time.

Spend Less Time Making Callbacks because you’re converting the vast majority of your prospects on the initial contact. 

Lead Masterful, Powerful Conversations that excite your clients about moving forward because they feel empowered to change their lives.

Become An Award-Winning Top Performer and create a name for yourself with your current employer or in your industry.

Put An End To Sleepless Nights because there’s no more worrying about numbers, numbers, numbers.

…All without sneaky tricks or sleazy sales gimmicks. Just good old-fashioned REAL talk that people respond to.

So, let’s fast-forward dream for a moment

Imagine it’s a year from now — how might your life be going?

Will you still be frustrated by low case acceptance and stressing about revenue?

Or, will you have the luxury to do what you want to do and work when you want to work?

Life is short. Make the right choice today and let me show you how to increase sales the easy way with the R.E.A.L. Talk Selling™ System.

Make More Money

Shake The Planet

Work Less. Live More!

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