The R.E.A.L Touch 360 CRM

A Proprietary Follow-up System We’ve Created Especially For Dentists.

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The R.E.A.L Touch 360 CRM

A Proprietary Follow-up System We’ve Created Especially For Dentists.

What is The REAL Talk 360 CRM?

Increase Patients

Increase Referrals

Measure Performance

Maintain Accountabilty

Finally, A User-Friendly CRM Designed To Increase Case Acceptance, Drive Revenue, and Improve Productivity.

The data is clear. Consumers today seek connections that go beyond the cut-and-dried transactions of the past. Their loyalty is to companies that make them feel unique — and uniquely appreciated. Adjusting to this new normal is as important for dentists as it is for retailers. Unfortunately, many dentists don’t even recognize that their practice is a mini sales organization. Real talk, most dentists fail to recognize their treatment coordinator as a sales professional.

These are CRITICAL mistakes. Failing to stay connected with potential patients results in a vicious cycle of no-shows, consultations that lead nowhere, inconsistent revenue from month to month, and a revolving door of lost leads.

“Okay, I get it,” you’re now thinking. “Patient relationships are the key to success in today’s marketplace. But, how do we cultivate them and minimize missed opportunities?”

We’re so glad you asked! Introducing the R.E.A.L Touch 360 CRM, the way to WOW! your patients at first substantial contact and continuously build connections that seal the deal.

What is a CRM?

What is a CRM?

C-R-M is an abbreviation for “Customer Relationship Management.” Essentially, a data system that allows businesses to easily manage customers’ information and track communication throughout the patient journey. When properly implemented, CRMs reveal opportunities to increase the bottom line with every potential patient.

The R.E.A.L Touch 360 CRM is a proprietary system we’ve created especially for dental practices. It’s an unrivaled, all-in-one solution that supports sales management, delivers actionable insights and facilitates team communication. The system is sold as a stand-alone monthly service, and it’s cloud-based, so authorized staff can use it whether they’re working in the office or from home.

Your Patients Are Craving A More Personalized Experience

***As a BONUS, R.E.A.L Touch 360 includes a built-in selection of emails personally written by sales guru Sherrine Washington. These emails have been strategically composed to pull at the heartstrings of your prospective patients. The goal of this amazing feature is to eliminate all of the guesswork of figuring out what to say to your patients and when to say it to generate optimal results.

Sherrine Washington, MSW, CEO and Founder of Real Talk Sales Consulting

Sherrine, a former Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, created the R.E.A.L Talk Selling Methodology, a proven SAME-DAY (Paid-In-Full) patient conversion system that turns leads into sales through the psychology of selling. For over a decade, Sherrine has used her highly effective R.E.A.L Talk Selling principles to close over $30 million in sales for national and local brands — $27 million from selling dental implants alone! Sherrine is known for turning ready-to-win sales pros and self-taught treatment coordinators into same-day closing machines.

Also included: An easy to understand template-based treatment plan that can be printed and presented with ease in just a few minutes! No more long, wordy treatment plans that send your patients out the door so they can go home and “think about it.”

Keep Your Finger On The Pulse — Know Exactly Where Your Patients Are In The Sales Cycle!

Most dentists run their offices with a practice management system.

These programs lack the chief capabilities of our CRM, with its extensive reporting and built-in email automation.

The R.E.A.L Touch 360 CRM tracks vital information that most practices either fail to document or don’t understand the benefit of tracking in the first place. Using our system to guide social engagement and track sales data against your benchmarks will help you retain existing patients, secure new ones, and significantly boost your revenue.

You need a sales roadmap that puts an end to second-guessing. The following questions and more are easily answered with our CRM:


At what stage in the sales process is this lead?

Did this individual open our last email?
What link in the email did they click on?
What are the latest notes about this lead from my treatment coordinator/sales staff?
You need a sales roadmap that puts an end to second-guessing. The following questions and more are easily answered with our CRM:

You will quickly discover that the R.E.A.L Touch 360 CRM is an indispensable Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for your practice.

In basic terms, a KPI is a tool that provides a measurable value of how effectively a company is achieving fundamental business objectives.

In particular, KPIs are invaluable for appraising the success of efforts you put in place to reach your objectives.

You need a sales roadmap that puts an end to second-guessing. The following questions and more are easily answered with our CRM:

Qualified Leads for a given period


Lead Close Rates


Email Open Rates


Total Collections Received During a Given Period


Long-term patient retention – A McKenzie Management survey reveals that for every 10 patients who come into your practice, seven never return. Keeping more of these patients are a critical component of lasting success. Our CRM will allow you to do just that.

R.E.A.L Touch 360
Is Like Having a CRM And a Savvy Email Marketing Pro All In One

With the R.E.A.L Touch 360 CRM, your office will never again drop any balls when it comes to communicating with your current patients and active leads. The system database easily stores and manages their details, so every bit of useful information is always at your fingertips.

More specifically, the Task Management tool will be your team’s key to success, notifying you when it’s time to call and schedule a second consultation, send emails, text messages or postcards. Prompts will also indicate when it’s time to follow-up after a patient has moved forward to keep them engaged and prevent cancellations.

Plus, you will receive a weekly and monthly report that will precisely reveal what’s working and what’s not so you can finetune your approach.

Utilizing the R.E.A.L Touch 360 CRM supports a strategy where the patient experience is at the center of everything you do. This can easily be the difference in gaining a new patient or retaining an existing one. When your business philosophy is to look at every interaction through the eyes of the patient, you will deliver a better overall experience. This approach will separate your practice from the rest, resulting in strong patient loyalty, high closing rates, and sales figures you previously could only dream of.

Are you ready to…


WOW! YOUR PATIENTS and easily grow your patient base.


INCREASE REFERRALS with our unique Patient Ambassador Program, a membership circle for your existing VIP patients to share in the love of changing lives. (Yes, your existing patients will help you to close cases!)


KNOW YOUR KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS – you may not be tracking KPIs now, but with R.E.A.L Touch 360, you will start measuring operational effectiveness like a successful corporation.


MAINTAIN ACCOUNTABILITY AND CONTROL – monitor your treatment coordinator’s performance and never again wonder if your hard-earned leads are slipping through the cracks.


IMPLEMENT A SYSTEM TO REVIVE OLD LEADS – nurture your prospects with educational and thought-provoking content each and every month. Create a “move forward now” impulse when they least expect it.

We want to help every dentist out there upgrade from their outdated methods and start having a more successful business.

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